What Are The Benefits?

By participating in the INTERCEPT-AD ACU-001 study, you or your loved one will have access to experts who understand your situation and can help answer questions and address concerns. Throughout the trial, participants will receive world-class medical care, a full diagnostic work-up, and have a safe, caring environment, so caregivers can feel confident their loved ones are being treated with kindness and respect.

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What Is Being Tested?

In the INTERCEPT-AD ACU-001 study, we are evaluating an investigational drug called ACU193. This drug is designed to locate and bind to proteins that build up in the brain of people with memory degeneration. We will be evaluating how safe and tolerable ACU193 is and how it is processed by the body. Read our FAQs to learn more about the INTERCEPT-AD ACU-001 study, and what to expect as both a participant and a caregiver.

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Dr. Kimball A. Johnson, Clinical Trial Researcher

“As the saying goes, if you start to have any memory issue, don’t just walk, run to a research site. That’s where we get that data and that knowledge of being able to truly impact this disease”

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When you participate in a clinical study, you provide valuable information that could eventually lead to better treatment, and—with the right breakthrough—better outcomes. Take our short eight question survey to see if you or your loved one are a good fit. There is no obligation.

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